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Our Client Process

Goal Setting: The first step in our client process is to understand what a client would like to accomplish in working together. We believe in order to help a client achieve their goals, we need to first know what is most important to them. Once we identify their goals and priorities, we work together to determine the right strategies moving forward.

Gathering Information: We believe that every financial decision impacts another financial decision at some point in time, therefore, we take a macro approach to understanding your current financial situation. As a result of starting with the big picture first and working inward towards the finer details of a client's situation, we are able to better align our strategies and ensure our client's goals are congruent with one another.

Evaluation: Every client situation is unique, whether it's their family dynamic, income level, business type, health or timeline on their goals. Therefore we have to be both flexible and equipped with the skills needed to customize solutions and deliver specific recommendations. In order to do this, we rely on the expertise of our team of experienced professionals and company specialists that take an all hands on deck approach to develop a strategy that works for you.

Recommendations: Upon completion of our evaluation, we walk clients through our recommendations and educate them on all the options available. Our job is to give every client the education they need to make important financial decisions.

Implementation: We understand that progress do not happen without execution, therefore we guide our clients through the action steps needed to accomplish their objectives. We strive to make every client's experience as seamless and efficient as possible.

Financial Checkup: Our client process establishes ongoing financial checkups which allow us to continuously service our clients, provide the most current information, tackle additional objectives, discuss for new goals or make updates to accommodate possible changes in your life.