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Brandon Ortez

Brandon Ortez

Financial Representative

Brandon Ortez is a Financial Services Representative at Rise North Capital. Brandon is dedicated to helping individuals, families, and businesses reach their financial goals and achieve financial independence. He values genuine relationships and enjoys forming such relationships with everyone he works with.

Brandon has always known he wanted to pursue a career in the financial services industry, and this was confirmed when he took his first finance course in college. Brandon is passionate about empowering his family, friends and community with financial guidance and education so that they can embrace their own journeys to financial independence. Brandon’s newfound passion is serving clients who work in public education (K-12). Brandon enjoys helping public employees understand their pension, retirement benefits and what he calls ‘financially educating the educator”.

Brandon earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in finance with a minor in economics from Salem State University. He likes weightlifting and playing basketball. Brandon lives in Dorchester, MA.